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Marketing isn’t just about generating leads, it’s also about converting those leads into sales and then turning those customers into repeat customers and/or raving fans and referral partners.

What if you could have new ideal clients purely through having quality conversations with them, generating £ and beyond in new revenue?

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If you are serious about getting a return on investment from your marketing and when I talk about the investment I mean your time, budget, and energy. Then, I would like to invite you to book a call with me. Just click the button below and we will discuss your results and your key areas of opportunity and the things that you can do to start building that momentum and putting some focused plans and strategies in place to help you start moving forward with your business.

See What Other’s Are Saying:

Charlie has a real-world understanding of business and markets with an impressive resume herself, and this translates well to her coaching sessions, since she can offer bespoke guidance and solutions to your individual requirements. The masterclasses were much more than just about learning to use LinkedIn and and also carried across into other aspects of business, management, marketing etc.

Rupert McGowan-Kemp

Director, Press Room Technologies

Charlie’s enthusiasm is infectious. She has a wealth of knowledge that she readily and generously shares. I’d recommend her 8-week Masterclass programme to anyone who recognises a need to focus take stock and re-launch your offering. Since I’ve worked with Charlie, I’ve published my first articles, discovered and connected with some really inspiring people, and feel more engaged that I have for a long time. Importantly, I’ve also landed paid work that is directly related to the re-focus I’ve been through. ROI? tick. Thank you Charlie. You’ve made a real difference.

Shirley Wakelin

Director, Transition Leadership Coaching

We’ve been working with Charlie for a few months now, training our whole team on how to ‘really’ get the most out of Linkedin. Having used it for years (and thinking I was pretty clued up on it) I was astounded by the immediate difference her input made to our business. All the little tricks including creating interest, how and when to post content, how and when to engage with your target audiences – who knew there could be so many different ways?! Highly effective too – within 2 weeks of beginning our LinkedIn training with Charlie we launched in Singapore, a direct result of our enhanced activity (and it looks like our first US client is soon to follow). Charlie took a real interest in our business, to the extent we would call her part of our team and she’s also bloody good fun!!!

Nadine Pierce

Head of Strategic Partnerships, Games without Frontiers